UMI Performance Rear Control Arm Relocation Brackets (Bolt In) 2005-2012 Ford Mustang

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Wheel hop issues? We have your solution! The S197 chassis is notorious for wheel hop and the more power you add the worse it gets. The UMI Performance control arm relocation brackets are designed to change the instant center point of the vehicle and plant the rear end harder into the ground. By changing the intersecting point of the control arms it allows better weight transfer and forces the rear end into the ground while lifting the body. This technique has been used for many years and has been proven to work over and over again on all types of applications. Relocation brackets are also recommended for lowered vehicles to correct lost suspension geometry caused from height altering.


Installation: These brackets are a 100% bolt on application and require no welding, no drilling and no cutting! All necessary hardware is included for this simple bolt on application. Kit is supplied with hardware, installation instructions and available powder coated red or black.


Lowered Vehicles: When lowering your Mustang you change the lower control arm angle causing the rear mounting point of the control arm to sit higher than the front mounting point. This will, in return, cause wheel hop and a great deal of traction loss. Lower control arm relocation brackets allow you to correct this angle and gain back much needed traction. Relocation brackets are designed to correct instant center, eliminate wheel hop and increase traction. Relocation brackets installed will also help 60-foot times, lower ET’s and increase track consistency--a must for all lowered vehicles!


Non-Lowered Vehicles: Product installed on a stock height vehicle will also see a great increase in traction by lowering the rearward angle of the lower control arm, allowing more force to be placed on the rear tires. Relocation brackets have two settings to allow the lower control arm to be lowered either 2 or 3, depending on your preference. Settings are placed in a correct pattern that will allow use of all OEM control arms or any aftermarket control arm (brackets do not require a longer control arm.) Brackets installed on a non-lowered Mustang can provide a .10 or better 60-foot reduction and an increase in track consistency.



  • 100% bolt on design that requires no welding, drilling or cutting!
  • CNC machined brackets insure accuracy for a perfect fit
  • Correct hardware is included for this simple installation
  • Durable brilliant powder coat finish

Note: Bolt-in brackets are for street use and light drag racing use only (with street tires). We recommend welding these brackets when engine modifications are done (heads/cam, NOS, turbo, supercharger) or when traction or launch is enhanced (drag radial, slicks, trans brake, etc). Please contact us if you are unsure if welding is required.

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