UMI Performance Rear Anti-Hop Kit (Stage 1) 2005-2012 Ford Mustang

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Wheel hop issues? We have your solution! The S197 chassis is notorious for wheel hop and the more power you add the worse it gets. The UMI Performance anti-hop kit is designed to change the instant center point of the vehicle and plant the rear end harder into the ground, eliminating wheel hop and improving traction. This kit lowers the rear of the control arm changing the intersecting point of the upper and lower rear control arms. By changing the intersecting point of the control arms it allows better weight transfer and forces the rear end into the ground while lifting the body. This kit also includes tubular light weight control arms designed to terminate bushing deflection and eliminate flex found in the stock control arms. Through out our testing we found the S197 Mustang to be impossible to launch and to even do a burn out with out severe wheel hop, we also noticed this harsh wheel hop during the first to second shift. Installing this kit immediately removed this unwanted wheel hop, allowed the car to launch and provided three tenths better in the 60-foot range. (Results may very depending on power levels and modifications)

Installation: This kit is a 100% bolt on application and requires no welding, no drilling and no cutting! All necessary hardware is included for this simple bolt on application. Kit is supplied with hardware, installation instructions and available powder coated red or black. Installation time is 1-2 hours using basic hand tools.

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