Roto-Fab Cold Air Intake - 2008+ Pontiac G8 GT & GXP

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Now chose a dry or oiled filter!

This is a true Cold Air Intake system designed and molded to fit the Pontiac G8. Our approach was to design a system that incorporates all of the features necessary to maximize performance and air flow without regards to difficulty or tool expense. We started with an air box that is a complete, one-piece molded unit extending downward and outboard of the frame rail. This is crucial since the radiator fans fill the engine compartment with extremely hot air. The box was designed to maximize filter size while creating good alignment for the MAF sensor and the duct work to the throttle body. The open top combined with the hood seal allows the most air possible to all areas of the filter while maintaining a barrier against harmful engine and radiator heat. Also, the exposed filter looks very impressive when you pop your hood!

Which filter do I choose?

  • The Oiled Filter is cleaned every 30,000 miles with a cleaning kit, and should last the life of the car. The downside is, if you accidently over oil your filter, oil can get on your MAF sensor and cause the car to not rund right. The dealer may deny warranty service if they can tie the oiled filter to causing the MAF sensor issue. 
  • The Dry filter requires no oil (and causes no warranty issues) and lasts 60-100,000 miles under normal driving. Once that time has passed you buy a new filter from us, or Roto-fab.
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Special Order Terms Notes

Special Terms:
This brand is special order, can take longer, and is not cancelable (Refer to order terms - ). If concerned about delivery time please contact us before purchase.
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3 Reviews

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    Customer review

    Posted by FRANK LAUTERBORN on 5th May 2011

    Installed on my 2009 G8 GT - Fit and finish are very good
    This unit was very easy to install, I am however a mechanic.
    the only problem with the instructions is that it doesn't tell you to remove the stock air line attached to the old intake completely and disconnect at the fuel rail and install the rubber hose. You must then remove the entire stock plastic line and discard or save. This intake made a huge difference in sound when at full throttle and seems to have more torque at power

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    Customer review

    Posted by Brian Gooch on 13th Apr 2011

    Installed this intake on my 2009 G8 GT. The directions were VERY GOOD. The quality, fit, and finish were all of the highest quality. The initial thing I noticed was the SOUND!! With no other mods, it made my G8 actually sound like a muscle car under heavy throttle. You can REALLY hear the difference. The next thing I noticed was the increase in power. The car felt like it had more power under higher rpms. This thing makes the G8 pull nicely over stock. (At least it feels that way). I also noticed a slight increase in total mpg. Overall I am very pleased with this purchase.

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    Customer review

    Posted by Eric Reibsane on 20th Apr 2010

    Installed on my 2009 G8 GT - Fit and finish are very good and all of the components are top quality. Instructions were complete and had good quality photos.

    Disconnect the battery for a few hours when you put it on. Fitting the filter element in to the airbox (I used the dry filter) is the toughest part - be patient with it. It's easier if you leave the battery ground bracket off until the filter is on.

    I was really surprised by the difference this made - definitely an improvement you can feel in throttle response.

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