Rear Bumper Insert Decals - 2005+ Pontiac GTO

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This is a vinyl decal that fills in the GTO impression on 2005+ Pontiac GTO's.

Standard colors are made of a very high grade, high performance vinyl. This vinyl has an exterior life of  7 to 10 YEARS. Many places that sell these overlays and inserts don't even offer this vinyl because of its higher cost.

We also offer additional cost premium colors, and reflective colors, which are made of Engineering Grade 7 YEAR reflective vinyl!  This vinyl is considerably more expensive than even the ultra high quality vinyl listed above which is the reason for the higher pricing you'll see listed below.

Shipping is Free via USPS First Class Mail!

Color Guide (We tried to get this as close as we could)-


Cardinal Red
Hugger Orange



Reflective Light Silver
Reflective Black
Reflective Red
Reflective Yellow
Reflective Blue
Reflective Orange


Black/Gray Carbon Fiber
White Carbon Fiber
Metallic Purple
Metallic Silver
(small amount of metallic flake)
Extreme Metallic Silver
(lots of metallic flake)
Metallic Black
(only a small amount of metallic flake)
Metallic Blue
(close to navy blue metallic)
(Matches F-Body Pewter)
Metallic Charcoal
Graphite Metallic
(dark color between charcoal and black)
Metallic Gold
(only a small amount of metallic flake)
Brushed Aluminum
(looks like the real thing)

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1 Review

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    Posted by Ellis Williams on 10th Sep 2006

    I'm kinda up in the air over this. The decal definatley adds to the car, but the application is extremly difficult! Vinyl stretches, and if you try to apply this like a regular sticker YOU WILL RUIN IT! when applying mine, the O and G stretched so much that I had to go back over them with a exacto knife.

    Other than the dificulty of applying the decal it looks great! I got the red reflective. When looking at it after recieving it in the mail I thought "this is it?". but the color matched almost perfectly to the cars paint (torrid red) and the way it looks at night when the light hits it is AWSOME!!

    I highly recomend this decal. Just be careful applying it, or get a body shop to do it.

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