Kooks 1 7/8" Long Tube Headers - 2014+ Chevy SS Sedan (6.2L LS3)

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  • Kooks 1 7/8" Long Tube Headers - 2014+ Chevy SS Sedan (6.2L LS3)
  • Kooks 1 7/8" Long Tube Headers - 2014+ Chevy SS Sedan (6.2L LS3)
  • Kooks 1 7/8" Long Tube Headers - 2014+ Chevy SS Sedan (6.2L LS3)
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These 304 stainless steel long tube headers are for the 2014+ LS3 powered Chevrolet SS Sedan. Kooks builds all of their products to the highest standard, and these are possibly the best headers you can buy for your SS. They feature 1 7/8 primaries, and 3 merge collectors with O2 Bugs welded into the collector. With a proper tune at, these headers are good for 20-35HP depending on the vehicle.


To connect these headers to your exhaust, you will need a Kooks high flow X-pipe. These all 304 stainless high quality X-pipes come with 3 inlets and 3 outlets to connect your new Kooks headers to your stock or aftermarket axleback exhaust. These X-pipes can be purchased without cats (off road), with standard high flow cats, or with Kooks high flow Green catalytic converters. The standard cats require custom tuning or they will throw a CEL. These new Green cats from Kooks are the highest quality aftermarket performance cats you can buy. In many situations they do not throw a CEL. 


Kooks also offers an axleback muffler system (PT#25106100) for those who want a complete system. This axleback is made from all 304 stainless, and features their quad core race mufflers along with polished 3 slash cut quad tips. Connects to Kooks X-pipe or stock center section.


Includes O2 Extenders, along with all bolts and gaskets needed for installation.

Which Header Size Should you Choose?

The 1 3/4 headers are intended for otherwise stock or bolt on applications. For cars that have, or may have more advanced modifications, 1 7/8 headers are a better choice for more room to grow with little downside in the short term.

What Are Ultra High Performance Green Cataytic Converters?

Kooks offers a standard High Flow Race Catalytic converter for all applications. This is the same style high flow race converter that every other header manufacturer offers. Without a tune, the Standard high flow converters throw check engine lights in almost every application they heat up and flow differently than the stock cats. To solve this, and provide a more durable converter, Kooks now offers connection pipes with what they call Ultra High Performance Green catalytic converters. These new green cats from Kooks use a special design that uses remium materials never before seen in a aftermarket converter to flow at a very high level, while not throwing check engine codes (for the vast majority of customers). In the testing thus far, 98% of customers did not get a check engine lights with the stock tune. Those who did get lights were at a performance level where a tune would be required anyway. These Green cataytic converters have also proven more durable due to their premium design/materials, and are recommended for extreme HP or supercharged applications. Please note connection pipes with green cats do cost more due to the premium construction (for instance they include more platinum than most cats), and are special order.

This does not effect the fact that long tube header setups are sold for off road racing use only. Any time you remove functioning factory catalytic converters from a car, you are breaking emissions laws.


For years we have been dedicated to proving our header customers with the best header coating options at affordable prices. For nearly a decade we offered Jet Hot as our main promotional coating. Unfortunately, under new ownership, Jet Hot discontinued their dealer program resulting in everyone now paying retail price for coating. In response, we have lined up two great peer coating company's offerings for our customers that will allow us to offer the same low prices as before. The coatings all the companies use are very similar, and the main difference is the time an attention put in to doing the job right. Airborn and Calico perform the coating process at the same, or higher level than Jet Hot.

  • Airborn Coatings has a history that goes back as far at Jet Hot. Their owner is a chemist who had a hand in developing the originial ceramic coatings. Airborn offer the same great 1700 degree inside and out silver coatings as Jet Hot with a great warranty to back it up. It is now by far our most popular coating option.
  • Calico Coatings is a company from the heart of race country in North Carolina. They are Kooks preferred coater, and offer not just header coatings, but a wide range of engine and industrial coatings.
  • Jet Hot Coatings will still be offered for those who demand the name, however it will be at the new, higher price.

Things to know about these coatings -

  • Airborn And Jet Hot coat their headers inside and out. Calico only coats the outside of the header.
  • The silver/chrome look coatings we sell (Airborn 1700 Silver Jet Coat and Calico CoolKrome) are the most popular and durable selections. Silver looks good on everything, making an awesome color choice. In terms of durability, if you overheat a colored header, it will be permanently discolored. If you overheat a silver header, it will lose it's shine in the area overheated, but the shine can be brought back by simply using wheel polish on it.
  • Calico's CoolBlack II coating is the best looking black coating we offer featuring a nice satin finish. Airborn's Flat Black has a gritty texture and appearance.
  • Coated header orders are not cancelable. Coated headers on average take 2-4 weeks with colors taking longer than silver coatings.

For more details, click the links below!





About Kooks Custom Headers-

Since 1962, Kooks has earned the reputation of making the highest quality and best performing headers and exhaust systems. Kooks uses only the best quality materials and the most precise team of fabricators to manufacture their headers.

What Sets Kooks Apart?

Kooks is known for building the best high end consumer headers in the world. This header is constructed with the below high end features!

  • Tig welded with all 304 (aircraft grade) mandrel bent stainless steel construction

  • Integrated venturi merge spike for better savaging and less collector turbulence

  • Primaries blended into the flange for better flow

  • Leak Proof Ball Flange collector for trouble free ownership.

  • Each primary tube is one continuous piece of tubing (in most cases). Some competitors weld several pieces of tubing to create one primary, which is a weaker design.

Quite simply...there is not a better header on the market!



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Special Order Terms Notes

Special Terms:
This brand is special order, can take longer, and is not cancelable (Refer to order terms - https://marylandspeed.com/terms-conditions/ ). If concerned about delivery time please contact us before purchase.
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