Kooks 1 7/8" Headers, Catted Connections, and Borla Stinger/Atak Catback Power Package - 2010 Camaro SS 6.2L V8

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Looking to do a premium compete 304 Stainless exhaust for your Camaro SS in one simple package? You answer is here with this MarylandSpeed Premium PowerPack. This system combines a complete Kooks Header and Catted Mid pipe system with Borla catback exhaust for the ultimate exhaust system. Matter of fact, we like this setup so much we use it on our own shop Camaro. Of these exhausts, the Borla Atak is the loudest and most aggressive. The Stinger is Borla's middle exhaust in terms of sound. It is not as loud as the Atak, but still plenty aggressive for most. The axle sections of these exhausts are interchangable, so for instance if you bought a Stinger catback and decided it was to quiet, all you would have to do is buy the Atak Axleback to change to the more aggressive Atak sound!


This package is good for 30-50 HP with a proper tune!


This Package includes the following (click on each product for details)-

Available Upgrades at Additional Cost-

The Fine Print: We are able to bring you this awesome package price because these items are popular volume movers. Because these are volume movers, we are not able to switch out other part numbers for the same price. If you need something like a Borla system for Ground effects, please contact us prior to purchase so we can work something out. Additionally, please note because this package is so discounted, if you want coating, you must pay the full price of $200 for it. Package cannot be combined with any other discounts. Lastly, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via the CONTACT US form or @ 443-730-9428.



For years we have been dedicated to proving our header customers with the best header coating options at affordable prices. Recently our main coater Jet Hot who we have had a great relationship with for years was taken over by new ownership. The new owners have done away with their dealer program resulting in everyone paying drastically higher prices. In response, we have lined up two great competing coating company's offerings for our customers that will allow us to offer the same low prices as before. The coatings all the companies use are very similar, and the main difference is the time an attention put in to doing the job right,

  • Airborn Coatings has a history that goes back as far at Jet Hot. Their owner is a chemist who had a hand in developing ceramic coatings. Airborn offer the same great 1700 degree inside and out silver coatings as Jet Hot with a great warranty to back it up.
  • Calico Coatings is from the heart of race country in North Carolina. They are Kooks preferred coater, and offer not just header coatings, but a wide range of engine and industrial coatings.
  • Jet Hot Coatings will still be offered for those who demand the name, however it will be at the new, higher price.

For more details, click the links below!




About Kooks Custom Headers-

Since 1962, Kooks has earned the reputation of making the highest quality and best performing headers and exhaust systems. Kooks uses only the best quality materials and the most precise team of fabricators to manufacture their headers.

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Special Order Terms Notes

Special Terms:
This brand is special order, can take longer, and is not cancelable (Refer to order terms - https://marylandspeed.com/terms-conditions/ ). If concerned about delivery time please contact us before purchase.
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